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Clearing the Clouds: How to Find God at Your Lowest

When I write or speak, I always use my experiences, which happened on this journey called life. In Revelation 12:11, someone in Heaven said, "They overcame him (the enemy) by the blood of the lamb and by the word of their testimony." I always thought this scripture referenced believers sharing their testimony as a way to encourage others. It does, but it speaks more than that to me now.

A Little Bit About Me

Over the last few years, I have been sharing my testimonies to show people God as my provider, healer, savior, protector, and especially redeemer. It happened organically. Someone would ask me to pray for them, and I'd tell them about a time when God did for me the thing they needed. I didn't always have a testimony to offer, but I would if I could. I wanted to build their faith and let them know God can and will do what they were asking. Using testimony to encourage people and build their faith in God has been my go-to. But my understanding of the purpose of testimony deepened while I was writing my first book Going Through.

Finding Your Power

Revelation, 12:11 continues, "they did not love their lives so much as to shrink from death." I mention that now because it's in this verse that I found my power in the storms of my life, knowing that my belief in Jesus set me free from the scare of death. God provides Christ as the sacrifice for our sins and our way of escaping death. The verse says believers should have no fear of death. If you do fear death, you should be questioning what you really believe:

  • Do you believe you have eternal life through Christ?

  • Do you believe that when believers die, they end up in Heaven with God?

  • Do you believe Heaven is a place with no sorrow and no pain?

  • Asking these questions will help you clear up your fear or reveal the truth of what you really believe.

God or Heaven is not bound by time. God is in the past, present, and future. I mention that because, in Revelation, God is operating within different times. The verse's context talks about the war in Heaven with Michael and his angels fighting against the dragon (vs7). Verse 8 says they were not strong enough, and they lose their place in Heaven. The devil and his angels are thrown down to Earth. Then someone from Heaven starts talking. They say now salvation has come and the power of God's kingdom and Christ's authority because the accuser has been hurled down. It was in the context that I began to see a deeper meaning for my testimony. If God secured the answer of Jesus even before the problem, maybe I should stop looking at my testimony as a problem and then God's answer.

Testimonies: In Two Parts

There are normally two parts to our testimony. There is our need and then God. There is whatever you lack and God's fulfillment of that lack. In this scripture, God fulfills first. My testimony shows that my lack revealed God's answer, which was already available; I just couldn't see it. I began this journey of going over my testimonies and looking for my lack before the storms of life come in and reveal them to me. Finding the area you need to work in is not easy. It takes a level of humility that only God can give. Psalm 1: 39 is one of my favorites because it supplies me with humility. Coming to the realization that God knew me and knows me better than I know myself, coupled with the fact that He prepares the answer before I need it changed my prayer life completely. It cleared the clouds.

Praying for God to search me and know my heart, test me, know my anxious thoughts, and see if there is any offensive way in me and lead me into the way of everlasting cleared the clouds for me. In this prayer, I'm asking God to prepare me for the storms of life. I'm not allowing the storm to come, and I become what I need because of it. I'm allowing God to make me what I need to be in the storm before it comes. This will not prevent the storm, but it allows me to embrace it. It gives me confidence that keeps me from being distracted by the storm itself so I can be what I'm being called to be in that storm.

Keep God With You

Depending on the storm, we are all being called to exercise the gifts and talents God has already equipped us with for our predesigned purpose. But I know I have been guilty of giving the storm my power and authority when I focus on the storm instead of its purpose. Praying without ceasing for God to search you and reveal to you what you need is important. Don't wait till the storm comes to call on God. Talking to God about anything, and everything can reveal answers to questions you never knew you had. This idea of a daily and continual conversation with God is one of the reasons Jesus went to the cross; so we could have an intimate relationship with God.


Let's just go over what we learned here because I know I was a little bit of everywhere. God knows what we need before we ask. He has prepared our way before the storms of life come. We can go to God daily and ask Him to search us in preparation for the next storm. This gives us confidence and allows us to focus on our calling in the storm instead of the storm itself. God's perfecting us doesn't have to happen because of a storm. It can happen daily and continually through an intimate relationship. After all, that's why Jesus went to the cross. I hope this helps you clear the clouds up in the storms in your life as it did in mine.

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